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Help with my property line...Plat and survey were different?

I bought a house almost 3 months ago. I had the land surveyed to know what property was ours. However, just a few weeks ago, I found out that we own an additional 7.5 acres from our assessors office. I called the land surveyor and he said that he did not do the field because he was not asked to...lol...yeah...

However, the land survey that he did does not match what the plat survey looks like. I have even google mapped it, and it shows the shapes of the plat map. But the surveyors is different.

He had to put in two new survey stakes because two were removed, and he is saying that there is a gap between my parcels that belong to my neighbor, along with a barn that is right at the end of my driveway! But the plat map says it is all mine...

I cannot afford to have another land survey as this one was very expensive.

What sould I do?

Are there any sites that would show proptery lines or anything?

Help with my property line...Plat and survey were different?
Don't rely on Google maps. I'd start by going to your deed and reading the legal description for your property. Does it match your survey maps? If not, investigate further.

P.S. don't know where you're located, but in most locations I've been its the County Recorder's office you want to talk to - that's where the deeds and official plat maps are registered. The assessor uses that info to figure taxes.
Reply:A plat does not determine ownership; it determines lot lines or parcel boundaries. If your deeds says: "Lot 15, Block D of Chicken Farm Estates" or something similar, then you own lot 15 of Block D. There is no way you can look at a recorded plat and determine what property belongs to you without looking at the deed description of your property.

You said that your surveyor said that he did not "do the field". I don't really know what you mean by that, but when a surveyor states that, he means that he has not visited the site. In my state (Florida), a boundary survey cannot be prepared without actually finding property corners, taking measurements and replacing missing corners. Before helping you with any advice, I would have to see your deed and the plat that you are referring to. You can send them to me at davispsm at yahoo dot com and I can advise you further.
Reply:Firstly, assessors do not have much to do with your boundary lines or legal rights to the property. Like the name says they are assessing tax. Your ownership of land, and right to it is your deed and chain of title. It is based on legal description which your surveyor uses to do his survey, I don't know if it was a plot plan, tape measure, or an more accurate expensive instrument survey.

You need to research deeds and any plans that are recorded maybe over hundreds of years. You may have adverse possession issues. Assessor plat maps can be helpful to find owner names but legally they do not mean anything for who owns what. If you do not own it you may be having the joy of paying part of your neighbors property tax. But no you cannot use an assessors map, plat map, to determine ownership, or a google map, or a satellite map, it can only be base on land records at the Registry of Deeds aka Court House, etc. That costs $$$, ideally you need a land use/title/real estate attorney, title examiner, and maybe more surveying to know your rights. I know you are trying to go the cheapy route, but this is pretty technical and you are out of your depth.

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