Monday, May 11, 2009

How much does it cost to have a plot of land surveyed?

And how much would it cost to have the property corners staked off?

How much does it cost to have a plot of land surveyed?
It depends on the size of the lot and complexity of the survey, but for a residential lot it might be $200-300 and a big development with wetlands and easements much more

The "corner Posts" are steel pipes and this adds very little to a square lot. Some surveyors include it in their cost.
Reply:Depends on where you live. In Metro Atlanta, for example, it's between $300-$400, which includes flags and stakes.
Reply:about 10 years ago we payed about 275.00, but I heard that was a high price way back then, but they did stake it all off
Reply:The surveyor should mark the corners when he surveys. Survey cost usually depends on the size of the land being surveyed (number of acres) and the deed research required, amount of office work %26amp; etc.. Around here they usually start at $1,000.00 and go up. I would guess that cost would differ for different areas.
Reply:It all depends on the amount of work involved. In a newer subdivision with a 4 sided lot, you are probably talking about $300-400 here in MD for a "stake survey." Some properties require a lot of research and others a lot of field work.

Sometimes a "location survey" (just to show location of house on the lot for the title company prior to settlement) will uncover corner markers (usually buried steel pipes) and will only cost $150-200.

If the property has been surveyed in the past, there may be buried pipes marking the corners. You might find them with a metal detector.

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