Monday, May 11, 2009

I need to survey my land myself, can anyone tell me what features...?

i need in a transit/ level. There are many features and before i shell out bucks i just wanna make sure i get what i need. thanks

I need to survey my land myself, can anyone tell me what features...?
Get a title company to do a title search on the property. The property description will describe the boundary and any markers. With that description, a compass, and a tape measure, you may be able to find those markers. When you find one, the property description tells you how to find the next one with a distance and a (true) bearing. If you can find the markers, you have the main product of a survey. If you need an official record, it needs to be done by a licensed surveyor. But that survey will be considerably less expensive if you can show them where the markers are.

If you can't find some of the markers, you're still better off using trigonometry from markers and other property lines that you can find. A surveyor would also use an accurate GPS, and they are not cheap. For a level, try a contractor's laser level. Then, you could use it for other tasks as well. I doubt even a surveyor would buy a transit just for one job. Use a good protractor or more trigonometry.
Reply:You will have to hire a registered surveyor for a proper legal survey. You cannot get around it. Otherwise if you want to estimate where you can place a road or build on your site you can do a good job using long measuring tapes and levels.
Reply:First make sure your state and local municipality allow a home owner to survey their own property. Secondly you need to get a map or track of the land. This should be easy obtained at the local court house. Then you can visit the survey department to find out the local laws and how they need it done. You cannot assume the property line is the same and where the pins are determine the degree of the land and the lines may not be straight. It is very complicated.

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